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Underground Truck

UG Shift Supervisor - WA Underground Mining Supervisor's Certificate - Advanced Diploma in OHS and WHS -3 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - responsible for running a large crew and subcontractors - Extensive experience as a Jumbo Operator and Shift Boss.

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Airleg Miner

Underground Miner, over 7 years mining experience. 2 years development and production charge up, 6 months service crew and 3 years airleg miner, scraper operator, bogger Operator. Tickets - Airleg Miner, MWHS, UG Dangerous Goods Card, WA Shotfiring Licence, WA Working at Heights, Senior First Aid, Development and Charge up, Scraper Operator and Worksafe Smart Move.

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Jumbo Operator

Development Jumbo - Establish ground support in all development headings. Mesh, split sets and gewi bolts. Bore out declines, ore drives and stripping to establish new headings. Can operate Tamrock 7c data solo, Tamrock d07 face drill, Tamrock d06 combination drill, Tamrock d06 production drill, Atlas 4365 s and h series production drills, Atlas 357 production rig, Atlas 322 rocket boomer, Atlas M2D rocket boomer.

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Jumbo Operator

Jumbo Operator, Bogger Operator, Underground Supervisor, 17 years mining experience, Production and development, tele-remote and line of site bogging, truck driving, charge up crew, service crew, light vehicle fitter. Boilermaker, welder, guillotine, mig, tig, press, inner shield, Jumbo's: Tamrock 421, Atlas 104, 322, M2D, Tamrock Powerclass, Axera 5 & 7, Boggers: 151, 650, 0010, R1500, R1700, R2800 & Tele Remotes. Underground Trucks 69c, AD40 & 40D.

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Underground Miner

Underground Miner. Jumbo operator, Trainer, Over 30 years mining experience, Decline, Incline, level, Internal Shaft, Fan Chamber, Raise Bore Development experience, strike driving, bogger operator, remote bogging, charging longhole and development headigs, airleg operator, bolting and meshing. Australian and Expat experience.

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