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Underground Truck

UG Shift Supervisor - WA Underground Mining Supervisor's Certificate - Advanced Diploma in OHS and WHS -3 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - responsible for running a large crew and subcontractors - Extensive experience as a Jumbo Operator and Shift Boss.

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Jumbo Operator

Experienced Jumbo Operator - Plant operated 20+ years experience in underground mining. - Tamrock Axera DO7, DO6 split feed Jumbos, (Powerclass and Superdrill), Atlas Copco H-104 single boom Jumbo, Atlas Copco 322 twin boom Jumbo , Eimco Secoma Pluton 17 Jumbo Drill, Tamrock Paramatic (Cablebolter) , Tamrock Minimatic (Robolter), Cat 980C/ 988B Front End Loader, Cat 769C/773B Dump Truck, Elphinstone R1500/ 1700/ 2800/ 2900 LHD, Elphinstone 69C Dump Truck / Ejector, Elphinstone UC 500 Charge-up Machine, Elphinstone AE-40 Articulated Dump truck / Ejector, Toro 0011 LHD, Toro 50D Dump Truck.

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Jumbo Operator

Development Jumbo - Establish ground support in all development headings. Mesh, split sets and gewi bolts. Bore out declines, ore drives and stripping to establish new headings. Can operate Tamrock 7c data solo, Tamrock d07 face drill, Tamrock d06 combination drill, Tamrock d06 production drill, Atlas 4365 s and h series production drills, Atlas 357 production rig, Atlas 322 rocket boomer, Atlas M2D rocket boomer.

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Bogger Operator

Development Jumbo Operator - Install ground support, re-hab, bore development headings. Experience operating Bell 40C (articulated),Toro 40D/50D (articulated), Elphinstone AD55, Toro 0010, Elphinstone 2900 - 1700 -1500, Volvo Integrated Tool Carrier, (IT) L120 - L90 - L70 - L50, CAT Integrated Tool Carrier, Manitou / Telly-Handler, Backhoe, General Light Vehicle, Normet Charge Up and Scissor Lift, Isuzu 5Tonne Truck / Hyab, Air-leg, Grader 12H, Jumbo Tamrock AXERA Power Class.

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Service Crew

Air leg Miner - Air leg, ladder riser, stopping, gallery scraper, decline- incline, timber man, bogger operator, explosive charger, IT carrier operator, Clayton, gemko rock shovel operator rail, jumbo operator, (single boom, learning stages) rock bolting and meshing, dump truck operator, cat and Toro.

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