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Project Geologist

Geologist with experience in both Mining and Exploration Geology, skills in a broad range of areas, including supervision of pit technicians, field technicians, drilling contractors and Geology graduates. In addition, has gained experience through the use of relevant GIS software, the design and implementation of geophysical and geochemical programmes, geological
mapping and subsequent drilling programmes.

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Technical Services Supt

Senior Geologist / Technical Services Superintendent - 15 yrs Experience in the Mining Industry - Gold. Managing Geologists, Planning Engineers, Mine supervisors and mine operations. Oversee the Life of Mine, update processes and reconciliation of the mine. Completed justifications for plant and software upgrades. Acted in Mine Manager and General Manager roles when required.

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Senior Exploration Geologist

Senior Exploration Geologist - over 10 yrs experience including mine geology experience.

  • Annual Technical Reports for Government
  • Project Reviews and target generation
  • Geophysics interpretation and structural analysis
  • Multi-element geochemistry analysis
  • Lithogeochemistry and alteration analysis
  • Logging of drill core, RC chips and RAB/ Aircore chips
  • Supervision of exploration personnel
  • Data Management and validation
  • Designing drill programs
  • Writing drill proposals and drilling reports
  • Monthly reporting of exploration activities
  • Drill program management
  • Participate in Safety meetings and implementation of policies
  • Receipting of invoices
  • Second in charge to Exploration Manager
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    Senior Exploration Geologist

    Senior Exploration Geologist. Bachelor of Geology. 8 years exploration experience in uranium and gold. 2 years expat experience working in South America. Planning and implementation of resource delineation and exploration drilling (RC/Diamond)

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    Senior Exploration Geologist

    Geologist Exploration - 20 yrs exp most recently Senior Resource Geology roles. This includes database validation and QAQC monitoring of all samples, statistical and geostatistical analysis, 3D modelling mostly in Gemcom Surpac mining software and block modelling, estimation and reporting. Has been audited by independent agencies as part of the companies JORC compliance requirements. Worked mostly with small teams of people which has enabled him to work with and mentor younger geological team members.

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    Project Geologist

    Project Geologist - Vast experience in supervising and managing drilling operations

    • Geological skills developed through operational rolls in field assignments and supervision of AC, RC and Diamond Drilling programs
    • Understanding and application of early stage exploration techniques (Geophysics and Geochemistry)
    • Formulating & establishing exploration plans and strategies for ensuring completion of assignments in the set time frame / reporting period
    • Core/Chip Logging, Sampling and Data Entry
    • Multi-Site / Remote Brownfield and Greenfield Operations
    • Interpretation of geology & structure of the deposit from subsurface data
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    Resource Geologist

    Geologist, 17yrs exp, resource analyst, block modelling deposits, underground mine design, calculating resources and reserves, validation, interpretation and preparation of geological data, database design, mapping, drilling, pit mapping, Datamine, Oracle.

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    Underground Geologist

    Mine Geologist Underground: Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours (Geology), 4+ years of relevant experience in underground geology and gold exploration, Strong understand of gold mineralisation systems and underground mining, underground and surface mapping, Corelogging, geological and geotechnical Grade control including stockpile management, Grade reconciliation, Validation of geological data including drilling and assays utilising Acquire software. Management of geological databases, QAQC practices, Supervision of diamond drill programs, liaison with engineers on stope and drive design, scheduling and ground stability Working knowledge of resource models and JORC code Software: Minesight 3D, Vulcan, Acquire, Micromine Dome, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access.

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    Senior Underground Geologist

    Geology Superintendent / Senior Geologist. 20+ years exp B Sc Geology/Geophysics - MineSight, Surpac, Micromine, Envisage Vulcan, Minemap, Datamine Studio, Datashed, Arc GIS
    Gold & nickel, Iron Ore Underground & Open Pit. Production, grade control, reserve, resource modelling and development, end of month reconciliation, supervision of pit technicians, grade control, drilling and ore spotting duties, near mine exploration, resource definition studies and pre-mining feasibility processes.

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    Underground Geologist

    Degree Qualified Geologist with both underground and open pit mining and exploration experience, supported by Datamine, Microstation, Minesight, Surpac, MapInfo and Arc GIS software knowledge. Proven ability in geological drill core logging, open pit bench and underground walls or face mapping, stope and blast hole sampling and QA/QC, stope note compilations and drill program reporting. Highly experienced with geological data entry using Acquire Database, interpretation, ore block modelling, and has a reputation for excellence in planning and coordinating diamond drilling programs for both Delineational and Resource Infill drilling. Available to start straight away.

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